Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as use of the Hastings Motorcare website is deemed to mean that you acknowledge and agree these terms and conditions.


Customer/you means a customer of Hastings Motorcare who places an order for a vehicle inspection, MOT test or seasonal check. These terms and conditions, so far as they apply to vehicle MOTs, are subordinate to the rules and regulations imposed by VOSA.

Hastings Motorcare/we/our/us means Hastings Motorcare of 38 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1RA

MOT test means the Ministry of Transport test which is an annual test of a vehicle’s safety and roadworthiness together with the level of its exhaust emissions which is applicable to most vehicles over three years old in the UK if they are used on public roads.

Report means the written report produced by Hastings Motorcare as part of its Service which will include your name and address with details of the vehicle inspected. The Report will detail the vehicle inspection, servicing or seasonal checks carried out and highlight those areas of concern which Hastings Motorcare considers should be brought to your attention.

Service means a vehicle inspection (including any MOT test), servicing and/or seasonal check carried out by Hastings Motorcare in accordance with Hastings Motorcare website.

VOSA means the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency being the UK Government body with responsibility, inter alia, for MOT tests.

Vehicles Eligible for Inspection or Seasonal Check

Hastings Motorcare vehicle inspections (but not MOT tests – see below) and seasonal checks are only offered for cars and certain other vehicles subject to the individual vehicle not being more than 12 years old. The categories of vehicles for which the Service is offered are those categorised by VOSA as Class 4, namely:

  1. Cars.
  2. Motor Caravans.
  3. Goods Vehicles up to 3,000 kg gross weight.
  4. Mini Buses with no more than 12 Passenger Seats.

Vehicles are required to fit onto the Class 4 vehicle lifts available at Hastings Motorcare test centres. Very large Class 4 vehicles may best be accommodated at certain of the Hastings Motorcare test centres which also have Class 7 lifts.

Hastings Motorcare carries out MOT tests for Class 4 vehicles at all its test centres and MOT tests for Class 1, 2 and/or 7 at only certain of our MOT test centres - please check the Hastings Motorcare website for details. There is normally no vehicle age limit for MOT tests. All MOT tests are carried out subject to the rules and regulations imposed by VOSA.


Hastings Motorcare tries to ensure the accuracy of all of its website’s contents including the terms and conditions. The content of the website should only be used for information and for making Service bookings. You should not rely on it to make (or refrain from making) any decision to take (or refrain from taking) any action. Hastings Motorcare does not accept liability for the use made by you of the content. Hastings Motorcare provides this website subject to the availability of the internet and will not be responsible to you if the website becomes unavailable for any reason beyond our control. This website is for your personal use only.

Hastings Motorcare will, where possible both legally and practically and subject to the owner’s consent, carry out a 10 mile road test, but not at high speed. Hastings Motorcare cannot test for fuel or oil consumption as this is only possible over a longer time period and distance.

Hastings Motorcare website may provide links to and content from other internet sites. Hastings Motorcare has no control over these other sites and is not responsible for their availability and content.

Hastings Motorcare shall not be liable for any delay in performing, or any failure to carry out the Service to the extent that such delay or failure results from events or circumstances outside its reasonable control.

Hastings Motorcare shall not have, in any event, any liability or responsibility for any loss of profits, economic loss, loss of business and loss of goodwill (in all these cases whether direct or indirect) nor for any indirect, economic or consequential losses incurred as a result of or in connection with the Service (including any non-occurrence thereof), whether resulting from breach of contract, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

The Service is supplied solely for the use of its Customers and is not for the use of, or to be relied upon by, any third party and Customers shall be responsible for advising any such third party accordingly.

Hastings Motorcare may make improvements and/or changes to the Service it offers at any time. Hastings Motorcare does not represent or warrant that the Service it offers will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that the Service or the server that makes it available, are free of viruses or other harmful components. Hastings Motorcare does not warrant or represent that the use or the results of the use of the Service or the materials made available, as part of the Service will be correct, accurate, timely, or otherwise reliable.

Hastings Motorcare will not be liable to any third party in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any loss (direct, indirect or consequential) which any third party may incur as a result of any information supplied by the Service report. You agree to defend, at your expense, any action brought against Hastings Motorcare arising out of your use of the Service with any third parties or from your wilful misconduct. You will indemnify

Hastings Motorcare from any costs, damages and fees incurred by us which are attributable to such a claim.

If any part of these terms and conditions are held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, the validity of the remainder of the terms and conditions will not be affected.

Extent and Basis of Vehicle Inspections and Seasonal Checks

Hastings Motorcare carries out all its Service operations (apart from any road testing) in its own test centres utilising its own vehicle lifting, brake testing, emission testing and other equipment.

Hastings Motorcare Service operations are carried out from visual and external inspection only and are limited to the parts and/or items identified on the Service report sheet and subject to these parts and/or items being readily accessible and/or visible. In particular, the Service provided does not involve dismantling or disturbing of any structure, assembly, component or internal mechanism.

Parts and/or items which are listed on the Report, but which are not reasonably accessible on the vehicle will not be inspected. In such circumstances Hastings Motorcare will be under no obligation to report on the part/item in question and will mark the relevant section of the Service report sheet accordingly.

Hastings Motorcare provides its Service with or without an MOT test. Unless an MOT test is included in the Service, Hastings Motorcare cannot guarantee that the vehicle would pass an MOT test. Hastings Motorcare strongly considers that you should opt to include an MOT test in the Service.

Hastings Motorcare will, where possible both legally and practically and subject to the owner’s consent, carry out a 10 mile road test, but not at high speed. Hastings Motorcare cannot test for fuel or oil consumption as this is only possible over a longer time period and distance.

Among the parts and/or items Hastings Motorcare does not inspect or check are:

  • Oil or fuel consumption.
  • Source of oil leaks.
  • Brake lining material other than what is immediately visible.
  • Brake fluid for contamination (brake fluid will deteriorate over a period of time and we advise that it is replaced as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer).
  • Operation and functionality of safety equipment and systems including but not limited to air-bags and anti-skid mechanisms.
  • Operation of:
    • radio, cassette and compact disc players or other in-car entertainment equipment and/or systems,
    • telephone or other communication equipment and/or systems,
    • navigation systems,
    • alarm equipment and/or systems and
    • any additional non-standard accessory equipment, parts or systems.
  • Cylinder compression
  • Vehicle electrics and electronics by the use of specific diagnostic equipment except on the basis and to the extent stated on the vehicle inspection sheet.
  • The accuracy of in-car computer systems (including but not limited to computers used for fuel efficiency, route finding or otherwise) except on the basis and to the extent stated in the Report.
  • Exhaust emissions using gas-analysing equipment except on the basis and to the extent stated in the Report.
  • Air conditioning function and efficiency by the use of specific diagnostic equipment.
  • Originality of specific components or equipment save taking photographs of same, and noting engine and chassis numbers when clearly visible.
  • The habitation area (including its domestic appliances and fitments) of a motor caravan.
  • Any additional passenger carrying fitments (other than seat belts) or features within a minibus.

Hastings Motorcare Service can only describe and/or identify defects actually found and/or which are reasonably capable of being found upon external visual consideration of the vehicle at the time of inspection or check. Hastings Motorcare cannot be held and are not responsible for any latent defects which are later discovered (we cannot advise of defects if we cannot see them or they are not apparent during inspection of the vehicle concerned). In particular, please note that (without limiting the possibility to such vehicles) vehicles over 5 years old, those that have a high mileage or which have been subjected to abnormal use are more likely to have latent defects. Whilst such defects may, in appropriate circumstances, give rise to a claim against a vehicle supplier, they fall outside the scope of our Report and our Reports are provided to, and accepted by, Customers on this basis.

Please note that the life expectancy of a brake, exhaust or clutch system is uncertain and difficult to predict. The fact that such items have not been identified as faulty on the Report does not, and should not be taken to imply that such a system will have a continuing life expectancy from the time of our check.

Information on values of vehicles of the same type and similar mileage may be made available, on request, after the inspection has been completed. Such information will be provided from recognised third party sources.

Any estimates or opinions for value/repair/rectification given by the inspector in connection with the Service reflects the subjective opinion of the inspector concerned and are given solely as a matter of goodwill. Customers should not rely on such estimates in making any decision with regard to the vehicle inspected and estimates should be verified by an appropriate appraiser/repairer.

Road testing is carried out within the immediate area of the relevant Hastings Motorcare test centre. The term road test does not necessarily mean that the inspector will actually drive the vehicle himself. If the vehicle owner refuses to grant permission, the vehicle is not legal for use on the road or deemed unsafe, the inspector may at his sole discretion elect to observe from the passenger seat or not ride in the vehicle at all. If, due to circumstances outside of Hastings Motorcare reasonable control, a road test cannot be carried out at the time of inspection, the original fee shall remain fully payable and an additional fee may be payable for any subsequent road test we are asked to undertake. The Customer is required to confirm to us that the vehicle requiring an inspection is insured and has a current registration. Hastings Motorcare will not be obliged to carry out a road test if the Customer is unable to confirm that the vehicle concerned both has a valid registration and is insured. The carrying out of a road test does not mean that Hastings Motorcare has seen a valid registration certificate.

Vehicle Servicing

We may need to carry out repairs in extreme cases where the vehicle cannot be safely be released back to the road.

For example removal of rear drums to assess the condition of the rear brake shoes and finding that the braking friction material has become detached from its housing. In such cases the customer will be informed and given the option of either the repairs being carried out with Hastings Motorcare or having the vehicle recovered to a garage of their choice.

There will be additional charges for these repairs.

Most Makes and Models Policy

When the parts to service your vehicle exceed the cost of our service, your vehicle will fall outside of our most makes and models policy. However we will give you the option to have your vehicle serviced with us at a cost of £30 inc Vat Plus Parts for a premium Service and £60 inc Vat Plus Parts for a Premium Plus service.

Pre Warranty Expiry Inspections

Pre warranty inspections carried out by Hastings Motorcare Inspectors are limited to those areas and components of the vehicle being inspected which are both (1) covered by the warranty and (2) are readily visible without the need to dismantle, clear or clean any part of the vehicle.

Each Inspection Report is based on and limited to the visible condition of the vehicle and its components at the time of the inspection.

Inspections are carried out and reported on by Inspectors who are qualified both as motor mechanics and MOT Testers. Opinions and recommendations given in respect of an inspection are those of the Inspector carrying out that inspection and are based on the experience, expertise and judgement of that Inspector.

Booking Time for Inspection, Servicing, MOT Test or Seasonal Check

Vehicles should be brought to the appropriate Hastings Motorcare test centre at least a few minutes early. Hastings Motorcare does not wish to inconvenience you, but we do work to a tight schedule and may have to re-book a late presented vehicle.

Payment of Fees and Charges

Hastings Motorcare fee and other charge policies are set out on its website hastingsmotorcare.co.uk. Hastings Motorcare may change the level and basis of its fees for its services from time to time. Such changes are effective immediately without notice of the changes by posting the changes on the Hastings Motorcare website.

Except where current prior written agreement is in place to do otherwise, all fees and charges incurred must be paid by credit/debit card or cash either at the time of booking or at the time of the Service.

If for any reason you do not wish to proceed with the Service, you may cancel it at any time but Hastings Motorcare reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee. If your credit/debit card has already been charged, you will receive a refund, subject to deduction of any cancellation fee, within 30 days of the intended date of the vehicle inspection or seasonal check. Hastings Motorcare will retain a sum equal to the total of any third party cost, such as the cost of a text title History check, if incurred as a result of your instruction.


Hastings Motorcare reserves the right to cancel any discount offer on multiple bookings of 10 or more vehicles. The remainder of the fee for online bookings will be payable on site at the time of test.

Data Protection

Hastings Motorcare maintains with full confidentiality any details by which we can identify you. Hastings Motorcare shall not be responsible for unauthorised access to or unauthorised alteration of that data.

Changes to the Website, Service and/or Terms and Conditions

Hastings Motorcare reserves the right to change its website, the Service or its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice by posting any updates on its website. All Customers will be required to use the updated website and Service and be bound by the new terms and conditions. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the relevant elements of the website. Use of the Service after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.

Website Ownership

This website is owned and operated by Hastings Motorcare. Please contact Hastings Motorcare if you have any queries.


Hastings Motorcare terms and conditions and your use of the Hastings Motorcare website are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be decided by the Courts of England and Wales.


The rights to the designs, pictures, logos, photographs and contents of this website are owned by or licenced to Hastings Motorcare. You may not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, display, post or transmit any part of the website except as a direct requirement of using the Service without the written permission of Hastings Motorcare. You may print individual pages only for your own personal use.

You may not: (1) modify, translate, or create derivative works based on the Service or permit other individuals to do so, (2) rent, lease, or transfer rights to the Service, (3) make copies of any vehicle inspection or seasonal check report prepared by Hastings Motorcare (but excluding those prepared on behalf of VOSA), or disseminate it/them without Hastings Motorcare written permission.

How to Contact Hastings Motorcare

If you have any questions or comments about the terms and conditions set out here, the Service, or your experience with Hastings Motorcare, you can use the contact page on our website, email us direct at enquiry@hastingsmotorcare.co.uk or write to us at: Hastings Motorcare Limited, 38 Morley Road, Tonbridge, Kent TN9 1RA